LADU Pneumatic thumb
LADU Pneumatic thumb

The "turbo" among LÜBBERINGs drilling machines. At up to 16,000 rpm, this machine is able to carry out one-shot drilling and countersking on the surface of the wings or fuselage in particularly short drilling cylces (ca. 2 sec.) L.ADU pneumatic HS is ideally suited for quantitative precise drilling and trumps with enormous time savings as a result.

In addition to standard materials from the aerospace industry, L.ADU pneumatic HS 60 is also suitable for drilling in glass fibre reinforced (GFRP), glass fibre reinforced aluminium (GLARE) and various honeycomb materials.

  • Material stacks: aluminium | CFRP | GFRP
  • Enormous time saving thanks to one-shot drilling and countersinking
  • High Speed: up to 16,000 rpm - very short drilling cycles of approx. 2 seconds
  • Up to 1,000 N clamping force
  • Motor output: 0.9 kW
  • Max. hole diameter: 3/8"
  • Max. stroke: 50 mm
  • Low pre-thrust
  • Different vacuum traverses available
  • Additional equipment: MQL System, Cycle Counter, spindle with polygon interface