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More exact. More efficient. More modular. More compact.

Users and people searching for solutions have different designations for fastening systems used in areas which are difficult to access. Geared offset head, fastening tongue, special transmission or crow's foot. We call the latest generation of our fastening systems L.SP3. L.SP3 is the Lübbering Standard programme of the third generation. Often considered as special is standard for us.

The consolidation of the previous product ranges like Basic-line, Aero-line or High-line led to the development of a more modular, more compact, more efficient product range with L.SP3. This development merges a long- term product analysis and the knowledge of different departments like construction, production, assembly and quality assurance. The aim of a high modularity at increasing quality and user friendliness was never lost. There are more than 460,000 configurations possible with L.SP3, so it is ensured that Lübbering can offer a standard tool for your individual fastening application. Special solutions are standard for us and with L.SP3 we are able to meet your individual requirements.

Look at the variety of possibilities and generate your individual fastening system with our L.SP3 configurator. Just a few clicks and you get both, the drawing and all technical, relevant data of your L.SP3 solution – from the output profile up to the angle, stick or pistol screwdriver.

Highest technology and either the design of Lübbering geared offset heads are remarkable. 2015 the product range L.SP3 won the Red Dot Award. A design Award in the category of "Honourable Mention" as well as the IF in 2016. These product design Awards were given to Lübbering for a particularly excellent aspect of creative work.

The advantages of L.SP3 at a glance:

  • Process reliability by higher precision classes
  • Wide standard programme up to 250 Nm
  • Slighter and more compact design
  • Improved ergonomics
  • Flexibility due to large varieties
  • Ease of maintenance
  • Long product life

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